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Grade 7
Rebecca Chen

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Grade 6
Affair Management
Network Management
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Grade 3
Network Management
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Grade 2
Tzu-Hao, Huang
Network Management
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Grade 2
Kai-Hsiang, Chang
Device Manager
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Grade 2
Tzu-Sheng, Li
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Grade 2
Rafi Hamaminata
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Chi-Yang, Chang
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Grade 2
Tzu-Hsun, Tsai
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Grade 1
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Grade 1
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Grade 1
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Grade 1
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Grade 1
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Grade 1


Name Academic Year Degree Thesis
Yu-Chi Chen 111 Master Decentralized Vehicle Authentication Protocol with Edge Node Assistance for Internet of Vehicles
Hsiu-Wen Hsieh 111 Master On the Design of Secure Communication Framework in Internet of Vehicles
Yu-Hsuan Lo 111 Master An Authentication Protocol based on Zero-Knowledge Proof and Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Internet of Vehicles
Yi-Chun Hung 111 Master Certificateless ECC-based Authentication Protocol for Internet of Vehicles
Alice Cow 110 Master On the Design of Automatic COVID-19 Patient Contact Tracing and Alerting System based on Blockchain Technology
SWind 110 Master User-Device Trust Management Framework Using Blockchain Technology
Winnie 110 Master An ECC-based Authentication Protocol for Dynamic Emergency Vehicle Assignment and Management in IoV Environments
Shou 110 Master Cross-chain Device Authentication Framework in Multiple Blockchain Network Environments
Evans Wang 110 Master An Efficient Certificateless ECC-Based Authentication Protocol with Conditional Privacy Preservation in Internet of Vehicles
Owen 109 Master Generating Virtual Blockchain Network on Demand for Cross-chain Transaction
Anderson 109 Master Vehicle Identity Anonymity Framework with Accountability for VANET Environment
Ariel 109 Master On the Design of Blockchain-based Barter Trading Platform
Mark 109 Master Double-Blind KYC Data Sharing Blockchain Framework
Ruby 109 Master A Customer-initiated RFID-based Anti-counterfeiting Framework for Objects using Blockchain Technology
Kenny Coder 109 Master A Dynamic Context-aware Fine-grained Access Control Framework based on Microservice
FACHREZA 109 Master Secure Blockchain-Based Invoice Discounting
Septa Bagas Kara 109 Master Secure Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management System with QR Code
Bryan Andi Gerrardo 109 Master On the Design of a Blockchain-based Fraud-prevention Performance Appraisal System
Ta-Chih Yang 108 Ph.D. On the Design of Secure Blockchain-based Framework for Electronic Medical Record System
Alexander Yohan 108 Ph.D. On the Design of Secure Authentication for Blockchain­-Enabled IoT Environment
Meng-Hsuan Lai 108 Master An Efficient Anti-Interest Flooding Attack Mechanism for Named Data Networking
Che-Yu Chan 108 Master A Multi-party Authentication Protocol for Passive Vehicle Keyless Entry and Start System
Yi-Tzu Chang 108 Master A Multi-bait Detection Mechanism for Black Hole Attacks in MANET
Power Hsu 108 Master A Blockchain-based Software Update Framework for Internet of Things
Ching-Lun Lin 107 Master On the Design of Linear Feedback Shift Register Based Encryption Scheme for Industrial Control System
Liem Peter Santoso 107 Master Secure and Trusted Firmware Update Framework for IoT Environment
Chi-Chun Hung 107 Master Caregiver Reputation Model for Long-term Care and its Simulation Experiments
Shih-Han Hsu 107 Master Digital Rights Management Framework based on Blockchain Technology
Denny Gozali Purnomo 107 Master Private Data Sharing Platform Using Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Blockchain Network
Chien-Ming Liao 106 Master A Worker Reputation Mechanism for Crowdsourcing Platform
Shou-Chun Chang 106 Master A User-Oriented Electronic Message Exchange Framework Based on Consortium Blockchain
Po-Jung Lai 106 Master Device Identity Management System in Blockchain-based IoT Enviroment
Che-Yu Li 106 Master On Design of Blockchain-based Real-time Transaction System - Using Ticket Purchase System as an Example
Chun-Hung Kuo 106 Master Credibility Verification Mechanism for Remote Sensed Data in Mobile Crowdsensing System
Ryannathan Setiawan 106 Master The Design of Blockchain-based Worker Sharing Framework for Mobile Crowdsensing Platforms
Yo-Hsuan Chuang 105 Ph.D. Secure Incentive Mechanism for Advertisement Dissemination in Internet of Vehicles
Chia-Lin Liu 105 Master Over-the-Air(OTA) Firmware Update Protocol for Electronic Control Unit in Intra-vehicular Networks
Sheng-Hsiang Hsu 105 Master A Secure IoT Firmware Update Mechanism based on MQTT Protocol
Sih-Wei Tang 104 Master A Lightweight Continuous Authentication Protocol for Internet of Things
Ting-Hsuan Tseng 104 Master Location-based Authentication Protocols for Mobile User Environments
Ling-Jhen Chen 104 Master On the Design of Medicator Authentication Protocol for Home Healthcare System
Syue-Yong Tan 104 Master On the Design of Open Public Resource Service Platform
Zih-Jyun Lin 104 Master Identity-based Secure V2V Group Communication Mechanism
Yi-Chung Yen 103 Ph.D. Two RFID-based Solutions for Secure inpatient Medication Administration
Yu-Chen Cheng 103 Master A Secure Group Certificate Digital Signature Scheme for Electronic Medical Records
Shao-Kang Lu 103 Master An APK Integrity Verification Mechanism for Third-party Android Marketplace
Ping-Hsien Lin 103 Master A Fraud Detection System for Real-time Messaging Communication on Android Facebook Messenger
Chia-Yi Wu 103 Master An Authentication and Authorization Mechanism for Long-term Electronic Health Records Management
Chun-Kai Wang 103 Master NFC-based User Authentication Mechanisms for Personalized IPTV Services
Henry Roes Lie 103 Master Dynamic Multi-factor Authentication for Mobile Devices
Vincentius Randy Christianto 103 Master Secure BLE-based Authentication for Micropayment using Wearable Device
Eric 102 Ph.D. Risk Assessment Mechanisms of Application Usage on Android Platform
Yong-Jyun Chen 102 Ph.D. Adaptive Anti-Collision Mechanism for RFID Tag Identification
Yi-Fan Wang 102 Master RFID Multi-ownership Transfer Protocols in VMI Environments
Cheng-Tsung Liu 102 Master An Accountable Identity-based Billing Protocol for Cloud Environment
Chi-Kai You 102 Master Intelligent Auto-lock Scheme for Mobile Devices
Che-Wei Chuang 102 Master A Secure Group Data Access Protocol with Provable Data Possession for Cloud Environment
Chun-Yen Fan 102 Master Risk Assessment Mechanisms of Application Usage on Android Platform
Alexander Yohan 102 Master Danger Theory-based Privacy Protection Model for Messaging Service in Social Networks
Chieh Wang 101 Master On design of a Secure RFID-based e-Health System for Outpatient Clinic Process and Emergency Care Process
Pei-Yun Liu 101 Master An Efficient Resource Allocation Framework for Cloud Federation
Siao-Mei Chen 101 Master Grouping Proof Protocols based on Low-cost RFID Tags
Pei-chi Fan 101 Master Efficient Virtual Machine Provision Mechanism for Cloud Data Centers
Wei-Hao Su 100 Master A Network Performance Study for Social Relationship-oriented MANET
Hsin-Lin Chiu 100 Master A Network Performance Study for Selfish MANET Environment
Hsuan-Yu Chen 100 Master Security Analysis for RFID Authentication Protocols with Key Redundancy Mechanism on De-synchronization Attack
Hsiao-Chien Tsai 99 Ph.D. On Design of Reputation Mechanisms to Detect Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Po-Jui Su 99 Master VCDC: An Efficient Trust Value Collection Mechanism for Trust Management in MANET
Hsuan-Liang Lu 99 Master Automatic Education Training System for E-mail Social Engineering Drill
Fang-Ling Liu 99 Master On the design of secure routing protocol to prevent cooperative black hole attack
Chang-Ming Huang 99 Master Simulation Implementation and Performance Evaluation on HASR Protocol
Shiou-Huei Ruan 99 Master Ownership Transfer Protocol for RFID Objects Using Lightweight Computing Operators
Hsin-Hsiang Huang 99 Master Secure and Anonymous Distributed Location Service for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kuo-Hui Yeh 98 Ph.D. On the Design of Authentication Mechanisms for RFID Systems
Wen-Hui Wu 98 Master A Fair Architecture for Service Negotiation with Brokerage Commission
Meng-Chih Chiang 98 Master Hash-based Anonymous Secure Routing Protocol in Mobile\r\nAd Hoc Networks
Chia-Chun Lin 98 Master A Tree-based Anti-collision Protocol for RFID Tag Identification in Supply Chain Network
Pei-Hwa Wu 98 Master A Cloaking Algorithm to Support Privacy-aware Location-based Services based on Road Networks
Enrico Winata 98 Master Octad Algorithm for RFID Tag Identification
Po-Hao Su 97 Master A Design of Extensible Event-driven Agent-based Simulation Infrastructure
Tsung-Hao Hsu 97 Master Collaborate based Misbehavior Detection System in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Yi-Xiang Hung 97 Master An enhanced dynamic ID-based remote user authentication scheme
Huei-Sz Shie 96 Master A Design of RFID Mutual Authentication Protocol Using Lightweight Bitwise Operations
Zih- Li Yang 96 Master A Secure Mutual Authentication Protocol for Low-cost RFID System
Chu-Hsiang Yang 96 Master Security Enhancement and Performance Evaluation of Secure Communication Schemes on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Ya-Shiang Chen 96 Master Negotiation-capable Web Services Selection Mechanism
Dong-Yuan Lin 96 Master Anti-robot Agent Mechanisms on Online Games ─ A Game Level Approach
Chih-Ta Yen 95 Ph.D. Authenticated Encryption Schemes based on Self-Certified Public Key Cryptosystems
Chao-Yang Shih 95 Master Adaptive Intelligence Architecture in Pervasive Computing
Hsiao-Chien Tsai 95 Master The Prevention of False Message Influence on Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks - An Event-based Reputation-centric Approach
Po-Kai Chan 95 Master Trading Timing Strategy Evaluation on Stock Market Using Genetic Algorithm
Chien-Yang Yu 95 Master Dynamic Workload Partition on Parallel Medical Image Reconstruction Algorithm in Computational Grid Environments
Chia-hao Wang 94 Master A Novel Evaluation and Selection Model for Web Services
Shiou-Hung Chen 94 Master Bot Detection Models and Corresponding Game Security Processes in Computer Online Games
Hsiao-Yi Kuo 94 Master Two Hops Neighbor-aware Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Yu-Hsing Chen 93 Master ezBusiness - A Novel Mobile e-Business Architecture
Kuo-Hui Yeh 93 Master Fault-Tolerant Broadcasting Algorithm for Wormhole-Routed 2D Torus Networks
An-Tsan Tsai 93 Master A Study of Applying Genetic Algorithm to Decide the Timing of Trading Stocks
Shun-Yuan Chung 93 Master The Computing Analysis of Medical Image Processing in Grid Environment